Men’s Health Magazine – Sheffield Holiday Reps

Men’s Health Magazine – Sheffield Holiday Reps

Men’s Health Magazine – Sheffield Holiday Reps


My primary focus is on the wellbeing of the people that I help whilst continuing to support my clients during these unprecedented times. I’m open as usual and working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis following current government guidelines and working remotely with clients that are unable to work on a 1-2-1 basis. COVID-19 is […]

‘Runners Workshop’ for Sheffield 1/2 marathon runners (St. Luke’s charity event)

  ‘Runners Workshop’ for anyone running this years Sheffield half marathon. All money raised will be donated to St. Luke’s Hospice Charity. When – Sunday 23rd February 2020 Where – Millhouses Park (meet outside café) Time – 9am-10:30am What to expect – Meet other half marathon runners, group warm up, 30-45 min group social run, […]

Abs Workout

Abs WorkoutAbs Workout

We all see them in the media, on the television, In magazines: Abs. but how do you get them? We have all done the traditional sit up, which I think are not worth doing as they can start to hurt your back. So here is an abs workout that will help bring those bad boys […]

Back Workout Using Weights

Back WorkoutBack Workout Using Weights

Do you want to get rid of stubborn back fat and tone up? Well these 6 exercises will help and get your back looking and feeling fantastic. Dumbell Lat Pullover Single Arm Bent Over Row Bent Over Reverse Delt Raise Dumbell Deadlifts Bent Over Row Bent Over Reverse Fly You can download the pdf workout […]

At Home Workout Using Bodyweight Only

At Home Workout Using Bodyweight OnlyAt Home Workout Using Bodyweight Only

Not everyone has loads of gym equipment at home, but you can get just as good a workout using exercises that only use your own bodyweight. Do 45 seconds of each of the exercises below with no rest in between each one. Once you have done them all, rest for one minute and then complete […]

10 Minute Arm Workout

10 Minute Arm Workout

Feeling pressed for time but want to do a quick and effective arm workout. Here’s my 10 minute workout for amazing arms.  Do 10 reps of each exercise and 3 circuits of the workout. Rest for 45 seconds at the end of each circuit if required. Plank Ups Lateral Plank Walks Burped with Push Ups […]

20 Minute Indoor Cardio Workout

20 Minute Indoor Cardio Workout

It’s been so rainy recently I though I’d put together a 20 minute indoor cardio workout that you can do at home in the dry. Do each exercise for 20 seconds, except the boxer stance, which is your recovery move to do in between each exercise for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercises 8 times for […]

Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout

Here is my full body workout that you can do anywhere. Repeat as a circuit 3 times with 2 minutes rest between each circuit. Depending upon your fitness goals aim between 10-20 repetitions on each exercise. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. Squat to overhead press Lunge twist reverse left and right Push […]

Clever Ways To Eat More Fruit & Veg

Everyone knows that they need to eat fruit and vegetables to stay healthy, but are we all really getting our 5+ a day? Probably not. One of the reasons is that they’re just not convenient and sometimes we just forget to eat them. So, what if we made fruit and veg more convenient to eat? […]

Legs and Abs workout

Legs and Abs workout

Here’s my leg and abs workout that you can do anywhere. A quick and effective workout to strengthen and tone up your legs and abs. You can download the pdf workout card below. Leg and Abs workout >>

Early morning workout

mountain climbersEarly morning workout

Here’s a short early morning workout to get your pulse going and get you energy levels up ready to face the day ahead. You can download the workout card below. Early Morning Workout »

Survive the big ‘C’ with personal trainer Adam Taylor!

Christmas personal trainer SheffieldSurvive the big ‘C’ with personal trainer Adam Taylor!

The big ‘C’ is nearly upon us and have you muttered these words yet? “My New Years resolution is…” “Oh this fitted me last year!” Or maybe “After the Christmas holiday I’m going to get my diet sorted and get back in shape” At this time of year the health and fitness industry is geared […]

TRX all body workout demonstrated by Adam Taylor personal trainer

TRX total body workout personal trainer SheffieldTRX all body workout demonstrated by Adam Taylor personal trainer

What is a TRX? It stands for total body resistance exercise and is a form of bodyweight suspension training. Developed in the late 1990’s by Randy Hetrick a US Navy Seal. Suspension training enables more muscles to be used during every exercise, working together to improve tone, calorie burn, and strength and lower the risk […]

HIIT bodyweight exercise circuit

HIIT bodyweight exercise circuit personal trainer SheffieldHIIT bodyweight exercise circuit

High intensity interval training bodyweight circuit demonstrated by personal trainer Adam Taylor So you may or may not have heard about HIIT training? To recap what HIIT training is and what the benefits are. What is HIIT? High intensity interval training is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of […]

Plyometric workout for runners as demonstrated by personal trainer Adam Taylor

Plyometric workout for runners personal trainer SheffieldPlyometric workout for runners as demonstrated by personal trainer Adam Taylor

Personal trainer Adam Taylor uses plyometrics to improve running performance. Plyometrics are exercises that aim to develop strength and speed by conditioning the neuromuscular and elastic characteristics of the muscle. Plyometrics, also know as “jump training’ or ‘plyos”, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of […]

Kettlebell workout for runners as demonstrated by personal trainer Adam Taylor

Kettlebell workout for runners personal trainer SheffieldKettlebell workout for runners as demonstrated by personal trainer Adam Taylor

If you’re serious about running and getting better then strength training should form part of your training programme. A personal trainer can help you reach your race potential and reduce the chance of injury by selecting the most appropriate exercises to include in your training programme. So why do we need to include strength training […]

Totley Moor Fell Race – 17th May 2016

Totley Moor Fell Race – 17th May 2016 Well done to our ladies at the Totley Moor Fell Race this evening. Note to all! If you run this race remember the nasty sting in the tail towards the end of the race! Anna Howard – 227th – 56:45 Karis Hodgkinson – 228th – 56:46 Suzie Lovell […]

Tigers Todger Fell Race

Tigers Todger Fell Race Wednesday 4th May 2016 Well done to our ladies who had a great evening of fell running in perfect conditions. Beth Marney – 98th – 47:36 Karis Hodgkinson – 146th – 51:47 Claire Britt – 152nd – 52:58 Official Results

Plyometric workout

Plyometrics Plyometrics, also know as “jump training’ or ‘plyos”, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing (speed & strength = power). It’s important that you warm up prior to doing plyometrics and then stretch afterwards. Please read below how to perform these exercises […]

The Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon Sheffield 2016

Sheffield Half Marathon 2016 The Plusnet Yorkshire Half (The Sheffield Half) is definitely one of the toughest in the country. However, with the sublime views from Ringinglow Road and Sheephill Road it must also be one of the prettiest, especially on a gloriously still sunny morning! It was great to see 18 Taylored Running Group members […]

Suspension training for runners

Suspension training for runners SheffieldSuspension training for runners

Suspension training for runners This piece of equipment is great value for money and offers a fantastic workout. This suspension trainer cost £12.99 from Aldi. The numbers of exercises are endless and you can take it and use it almost anywhere. I’ve selected three exercises that I think will benefit any aspiring runner. Single arm row, […]

Boost your core strength with these challenging planks

plank challenges personal trainer SheffieldBoost your core strength with these challenging planks

Core Strength I have to admit that planking can be boring as you stare at the floor for minutes on end. So I’ve put together for you five dynamic planks that will keep you moving, interested and really challenge your core. Aim for 30 seconds on each plank initially and build up to 60 seconds […]

Lose some lbs whilst saving some £’s

save money get fit SheffieldLose some lbs whilst saving some £’s

Here is one simple strategy to help you lose some excess weight and save money on your weekly shop. This is what I encourage all my clients to do on a weekly basis. Plan their meals throughout the week and then plan what ingredients they need to buy. Try it for a month and let […]

Sheffield Ten 10 Ten 2015

  Well done to everyone who ran today. Some fantastic performances and PB’s. Anna Howard – 48:27 – 160th (PB) Karis Hodgkinson – 51:04 – 227th Beth Marney – 53:09 – 319th Max Huxham – 56:11 – 435th (PB) Karen Stafford – 58:48 – 548th (PB) Amy Cooke – 59:39 – 593rd Kimberly Wright – […]

The winter is coming! – How to top up your vitamin D levels

The mornings are staying darker for longer and the evenings are becoming shorter. Do you get 10-15 minutes of exposure to sunlight everyday? If not, you may have a deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D is produced in your skin when you are exposed to ultra violet (UV) frequencies found in natural sunlight. Unfortunately, many […]

Chesterfield Marathon Relay 26.2m

Chesterfield Marathon Well done to all our runners at the Chesterfield Marathon Relay on Sunday 20th September. Here are the results Team 1 – 4:06:26 – 24th Kerry Willams, Kate Kelly, Fran Rayner & Karis Hodgkinson Team 2 – 3:47:51 – 13th Donna Ricketts, Anna Howard, Kerry Marston-Giroux & Adam Taylor Results 

The Great North Run – Sunday 13th September 2015

The Great North Run – Sunday 13th September 2015   Well done to everyone who ran the GNR yesterday. It looked like perfect running conditions on tv and a superb effort to all those first timers at the half marathon distance. Suzie Lovell – 1:53:48 Donna Ricketts – 2:33:14 Philippa Thompson – 2:34:33 Karen Stafford […]

Marathon Race Day Essentials

marathon race day essentials running training SheffieldMarathon Race Day Essentials

Marathon Race Day Essentials For me preparation is key to performing well on the day and leaving nothing to chance. Here’s my race day checklist that I use. Make a list – check it and check it again. Know where the race is and plan route (prior to race day, preferably). Set alarm with plenty […]

Marathon Race Day Do’s & Don’ts

competition marathon running training SheffieldMarathon Race Day Do’s & Don’ts

Marathon Race Day Do’s & Don’ts There are plenty of things before and on race day that you should want to do and not want to do. Below is my list of what I use. It’s not the most definitive list but it should help you. Do’s Think positive / visualise finishing. Review the course […]

Marathon Nutrition

What to eat in the final week? If you’ve ever heard someone mention carbohydrate loading or a.k.a carbo-loading you may be wondering what this is. It can be quite confusing hearing / reading about it, so I’m going to make this really simple for you to achieve carbo-loading correctly. The definition is: Carbohydrate loading, commonly […]

Trust the Taper!

marathon running training SheffieldTrust the Taper!

Trust the taper! Marathon tapering involves a decrease of exercise duration and exercise intensity before a major race. Depending upon the athlete tapering can start anywhere between one week to three weeks prior to the race. The aim of tapering is to balance fitness while supporting recovery. How to taper! Three weeks before race: Cut […]

Kids ‘n’ Cancer Chesterfield Marathon 2015

Volunteer Share SchemeKids ‘n’ Cancer Chesterfield Marathon 2015

Kids ‘n’ Cancer Chesterfield Marathon 2015 You can register for all the events (Full marathon, Half-marathon, Team relays & Fun run) as well as volunteer here too.  Events: Full marathon – 26.2 miles (Enter Now) Half marathon – 13.1 miles (Enter Now) Team Relay – 26.2 miles team effort (Enter Now) 1st runner: 4.70 […]

Summer Mackerel and Beetroot Salad

Summer Mackerel and Beetroot Salad This summer fish dish is fresh and simple to make. I knocked this up in 10-15 mins for my lunch last week. A mountain of vegetables and salad and I struggled to finish it!   Ingredients: 1 mackerel fillet 1 whole beetroot (not packaged, buy loose from supermarket or veg […]

Sheffield Half Marathon 12th April 2015

Sheffield Half Marathon So we’ve been training for this race for the past 3 months now and what a superb day we all had. The temperature had dropped and conditions were almost perfect apart from the slight wind. I’m so proud of everyone who ran yesterday. For some it was their first attempt at the […]

My Five Half Marathon Preparation Tips

marathon training tips Sheffield running trainingMy Five Half Marathon Preparation Tips

My Five Half Marathon Preparation tips! Endurance Make sure you get enough long runs under your belt so that you’re comfortable running the required distance. This will build up your aerobic endurance enabling you to run for sustained periods of time. These runs will be the backbone of your training programme. These training sessions should […]

The High Peak Marathon 2015

The High Peak Marathon 2015 If you’ve ever thought about running a race of marathon distance or further then this brief account from one of my clients will give you an insight into what thoughts go through their minds whilst running this mammoth distance.   “Starting a big race like the high peak marathon is the […]

Lincoln 10k 2015

Lincoln 10k 2015 Congratulations to Ellen Badger and Amy Mitchell who both ran personal bests today. Excellent job, well done. Ellen Badger – 1:03:25 (NEW PB)!!! Amy Mitchell – 1:06:38 (NEW PB)!!! Full results here >>>>>

Baked Egg in Avocado Cups

Baked Egg in Avocado Cups Baked Egg in Avocado Cups Here’s a healthy nutritious breakfast idea for you and quite possibly one of my all time favorites, as it keeps me feeling full for ages. Ingredients: 1 large ripe Avocado (squeeze both ends of the avocado to check if ripe, if there soft then its […]

Success at the Dronfield 10k (Sunday 8th March 2015)

Dronfield 10k Race Congratulations to everyone who ran yesterday. Where was the warm weather that we had been promised by the weather man? This didn’t stop us from running our legs off and producing some amazing results and personal bests (pb’s) along the way. Team results below 364th – Jo Knight – 52:01 (New pb) […]

Pre & Post Race Nutrition Winning Formula

Before you race 2-4 hrs before – Eat carbs for slow release energy, plus a moderate amount of protein with 500ml of water For example – cinnamon with jumbo oats with chia seeds or small handful of nuts or flaxseeds and berries 30 mins before – Eat a small carb-based snack to slowly raise blood […]

Healthy snack bars rich in protein

Protein snack bars Struggling to resist the snacks at work? Make sure you’ve always got something stashed in your desk, coat pocket, car for when the snack monster arrives! Gult-Free snacks that are high in protein e.g. Nuts, meat and eggs. Home made is best like my healthy snack bars. I’ve made some tweeks to […]

Sheffield Ten 10 Ten success!

Success at Sheffield Ten 10 Ten We had an excellent turn out at our local race in Endcliffe Park yesterday. A number of us ran the Sheffield Ten 10 Ten race. It was fantastic to meet up with eveyone and we all had great time. The course was great, it had a bit of everything […]

Fight against the winter bugs! How you can get to optimal health by making smarter food choices

So why is nutrition important? Certain foods will help boost your immune system and some will hinder your immunity. In today’s society leading super market giants like Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco have a huge selection of food produce all under one roof. We as the consumer have total information overload due to the shear […]

6 ways to reduce body fat and drop a dress size or jean size!

weight loss Sheffield personal trainer6 ways to reduce body fat and drop a dress size or jean size!

6 ways to reduce body fat and drop a dress size or jean size! Got body fat? I’ve 6 simple and effective ways for you to shed that unwanted body fat. While fat loss can be quite frustrating, these 6 strategies are proven to help you slim down fast. 1. Cut out the CRAP. Caffeine, […]

BUPA Great Yorkshire 10k Run Sheffield

BUPA Great Yorkshire 10k Run Sheffield Yesterday was a fantastic day for all of us. The atmosphere was electric and Sheffield did us proud by putting on a great event. Congratulations to all of you who ran and the families who supported us, it really does make a huge difference when someone is cheering you […]

Long Tour of Bradwell blog

Long Tour of Bradwell 50km, 2094m   Rewind back three years ago and we were living in Glasgow, I was running for a local club called Garscube Harriers and enjoying running for them in short cross country, hill and road races. I few of my club mates mentioned that they would be running the West […]

Jane Tomlinson York 10km race report!

Jane Tomlinson York 10km race York 10K is one of the most beautiful city runs in the UK taking in some of this medieval city’s most stunning scenery including ancient Goodramgate, the majestic York Minster and Clifford’s Tower where Henry VIII executed ‘traitors’. Congratulations to Jonathan Pagdin who finished with a time of 51.02 so nearly a 3 and […]

Adidas 24-hour Thunder Run

What is TR24? Adidas Thunder Run is a 24 hour off-road relay race against the clock. Whether you run solo, pairs or teams of 5 or 8 it’ll test your tactics, endurance, speed and team work. It’s an exhilarating, rewarding and tiring race with a great atmosphere. Congratulations to Sarah Clothier and her team Thunder […]

5km time trial results from Monday 28th July!

Thank you to everyone who ran last Monday at our 5km time trial. Great running by all. Please see the results below. Quite a few new personal bests too, great stuff:-) Weston park 5km time trial @ Weston Park – Crookes Valley Park results Anne Marie-Smith – 25:56 (1st timer) Max Huxham – 26:15 (1st […]

Think before you drink!

I saw this image the other week and thought I’d share it with you. Please share this article if you know someone who is always drinking one of these sugary drinks. ‘There is a 10% target when it comes to added sugar intake per person per day. The UK government scientists have now halved the […]

Tough Mudder

Congratulations to James Hope-Gill for completing the Tough Mudder event. Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed to test all-around strength, stamina, teamwork, and mental grit. Tough Mudder is Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet. This particular Tough Mudder was 12 miles with 20 obstacles spaces roughly ½ mile apart ranging from […]

Coast to coast cycle in one day

Seascale to Whitby 150m 4,500m ascent Congratulations to Stuart Hindmarch for completing the coast to coast in one day! An iconic route cycled by hundreds of people every year, usually over 4 or 5 days. But how about doing it in just 1 day? A stunning 150 mile road ride from the mountainous Western Lake […]

Motivational quote

Whilst on holiday I saw this great motvational quote and thought I’d share it with you. Simple isn’t it! Stop wanting things to happen or wishing they would happen just go ahead and make it happen yourself! Grab the bull by the horns and take the leap of faith. This quote can be applied to […]

Passing clouds fell race & Grindleford fell race article

Fell racing I was over near Leek at the Roaches the other weekend racing. The Passing Clouds fell race with 9.82 miles and 1,833ft of ascent to complete. I finished in 4th place with a time of 1hr 13 mins and a new personal best for that course too :-). I was however in 2nd […]

The Welsh 3000s

The Welsh 3000s Congratulations Chris Day and Will Day for completing the Welsh 3000s. In order to complete the Welsh 3000s Challenge you are required to have been at the top of all 15 of the mountains over 3000 ft in Wales within the space of 24 hours, without using any form of transport. The […]

Totley Moor & Blacka Moor Sunday fell run

Fell running Thank you to everyone who came along for the Totley Moor and Blacka Moor fell run yesterday. The weather was glorious. Here are some pictures from our run. We all ran 4.3 miles with 782ft ascent. Great fun and well done everyone. 

Why should we have an easy day/week or planned rest day?

To exercise or to rest? The General Adaptation Syndrome –GAS. You stress the body, you give it time to recover, then an adaptation occurs. Hans Selye is the brilliant man who discovered this phenomenon, and he termed the body’s adaptation to training ‘Supercompensation’. The fitness level of a human body in training can be broken […]

Coast to Coast Walk

Congratulations to Michael Bedford (pictured on the right of the photo) as he completing 66% of the coast to coast walk. Michael started from Shap located in the Eden district of Cumbria and finished in Robin Hood’s bay in the North York Moors National Park on the east coast of England. Michael covered 125 miles in […]

Padley Gorge / Grindleford cafe run

Trail / fell fun Here we are at the top of Padley Gorge enjoying a quick water break and enjoying the view. Thank you (from left to right order in photo) Elisabeth, Juliane, Kate, Lilias, Anne, Sue, Saskia, Tanya, Max, Liz, Jonathan, Tim, Chris and Clair for making a great morning out running with a sneaky […]

Goal setting 5 simple steps SMART

goal setting personal trainer SheffieldGoal setting 5 simple steps SMART

Goal setting 5 simple steps SMART The acronym SMART is a great model to develop, assess and achieve your goals. S – specific M – measurable A – achievable R – realistic T – timescales Specific: Be very clear what you want to achieve. Long-term goals are the end result and are more often realised […]

Leeds Half Marathon

Leeds Half Marathon 2014 Looking happy with finishers medal and goody bag. Well done Baz for completing the Leeds half marathon in a time of 2:06:27. Full results here!

We did it! (Intro to fell running)

Fell running Here we are on top of Carl Wark triumphant. Thank you (from left to right order in photo) Chris, Tim, Liz, Helen, Lucy, Jonathan, Sarah, Kath, Jenny, Sue, Anne and Kate for making our first fell running session a special one. Well done to you all for completing 4.7 miles of fell running […]

5 things I wish I knew when I started running!

I returned to running again in my mid twenties, this time taking it far more seriously than in my younger years. I’ve now been running consistently for seven years and learnt a hell of a lot about running and myself through reading literature, asking lots of question to fellow runners and through personal experiences. I’ve […]

London Marathon race report

London Marathon Congratulations to all of you who took part in the London Marathon yesterday, well done. It was almost perfect conditions yesterday albeit a little warm, with many runners suffering in the heat. 36,000 runners took part, many running for charity. Wilson Kipsang of Kenya won the men’s elite race in a record course […]

Coniston 14m race

Coniston 14 mile race report Saturday 29th March Congratulations to Chris Day and his brother Will Day for completing the Annual Consiton 14 race in the Lake District. The Coniston 14 is probably the most beautiful road race in Britain. Each year it attracts some 1600 runners and has a reputation for being one of […]

5 tips for first time marathon runners

tips for marathon runners5 tips for first time marathon runners

5 tips for first time marathon runners 1. Taper your training Taper your training three weeks prior to the race. With all those hours and miles of training under your belt, you will need to slowly tone down your weekly milage in order for your body to fully recover and for you to be ready […]

My top 5 tips for managing your fitness alongside a busy lifestyle!

manage fitness personal trainer SheffieldMy top 5 tips for managing your fitness alongside a busy lifestyle!

My top 5 tips for managing your fitness alongside a busy lifestyle! 1. High intensity interval training to make the most of your precious time The post exercise effects on your metabolism are hugely dependant on the intensity you achieve during your workouts (not necessarily how long you work out for!); do short 1-2min very […]

10% discount off! Sheffield Up & Running Shop

Up And Running Sheffield10% discount off! Sheffield Up & Running Shop

Up and Running  Don’t forget if you’re after some new running kit please mention my name to Phil and his team at Sheffield Up & Running shop you’ll recieve a 10% discount on anything in store:-) 37-39 Church St
S1 2GL Opening Hours! Mon-Sat  10am-5.30pm
Wed late night 7pm
Sundays Closed Telephone: 0114 2780000 Email: Web:

Edale Skyline race report

Skyline report Congratulations to Justin Rowntree after a magnificent race. Justin finshed the epic 21.5 mile route with 4,500ft ascent in 4hrs 37mins. The route summits some of the highest peaks surrounding Edale including: Ringing Roger, Win Hill, Lose Hill, Mam Tor, Lord’s Seat, Brown Knoll and Grindslow Knoll before decending from Ringing Roder to […]