My top 5 tips for managing your fitness alongside a busy lifestyle!

manage fitness personal trainer SheffieldMy top 5 tips for managing your fitness alongside a busy lifestyle!

My top 5 tips for managing your fitness alongside a busy lifestyle!

1. High intensity interval training to make the most of your precious time

The post exercise effects on your metabolism are hugely dependant on the intensity you achieve during your workouts (not necessarily how long you work out for!); do short 1-2min very hard efforts (ideally 85% plus of your maximum effort) and have equal 1-2 minute easier rest periods between each exercise. Repeat this 5-10 times for 20minutes to maximise both your results and your work vs. life balance.

2. Hit the weights!

Weight training alongside a nourishing eating plan is a sure fire way to increase your muscle density, and your muscle density is directly related to your metabolic rate. In short, increase your muscle density with large compound (multiple joint) free weight exercises and you will improve your ability to shed your excess fat stores every minute of every day! For a good result try aiming at exhausting your muscles per exercise in about 8-10 reps and doing at least 2 or 3 sets per muscle group with 1 minute rest between each new set.

3. Use your legs as spot reduction is a myth!

When your body starts to release its excess fat stores it does so from where it can afford to let it go (remember fat is a valuable commodity to your body so it won’t let go of it unless it is sure it can cope without it), therefore working your arms does not burn away arm fat. So, to have the greatest impact on your body’s fat burning, work the larger muscles as they have a greater overall impact, and will cause your body to lose the fat from where it decides it can afford to.

4. Get jumping!

If you don’t have time to visit the gym or don’t like the heavy metal, you still want to be achieving muscular overload and creating a situation stressful enough to make sure your muscles are going to have to adapt to recovery effectively. This is where the jumping comes in; the speed and momentum achieved from jumps increases the exercise intensity exponentially, and, not only is it good for power, but the ability to safely and smoothly decelerate every jump before repeating ensures your muscles are being stressed greatly.

5. Get some home equipment so you can maximise your daily time schedules.

Current highly effective pieces of kit that are brilliant and I would recommended for home us are: Suspension training systems
, kettlebells
, stability balls
 and medicine balls