Get fit outside!

Outdoor Fitness Class
Outdoor Fitness Class

We exercise outside in all weathers, come rain, snow and shine. My classes are mainly HIIT based with some running included. I go through a warm up / mobility exercises with the class before we start the main bulk of the exercises. The class finishes with cool down stretches. All equipment is cleaned after each class. I have mats for the class or if you prefer you can bring your own.

Benefits of Outdoor Training

  • Fresh air & Feeling alive
  • Improved mental health & well being
  • Improved strength
  • Fat loss
  • Happy feeling when you’ve finished and worked your hardest

What’s Included?

  • 45 minute outdoor workout
  • Full body weight workout
  • Nutritional guidance

Where & When Do We Exercise?

  • Dore Recreation Ground, Sheffield
  • 9am – After School drop off (days may vary)

For more information and prices please complete the simple form below and I’ll be in touch. It will take no more that 60 seconds of your time

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    “Thank you Adam for helping me motivate myself to do some high intensity and strength training. I find this type of exercise tough and it is so much more rewarding to do it in a safe and structured environment. Your outdoor small group sessions are a fantastic way to exercise with others and although they are exhausting, they are also good fun! I definitely want to continue. Thanks again.” Anonymous


    “Prior to joining Adam’s training sessions I had a very casual exercise regime which usually included some running and the occasional aerobic class. My initial motivation for joining Adam’s exercise sessions was to loose some weight and to improve my overall fitness. Since starting the training sessions with Adam I am very pleased to say that I have achieved my goals and am now setting myself some new targets. Exercising outdoors has left me feeling a lot more positive after the training than indoor gym sessions had done previously. Adam is extremely motivating and he switches up his carefully planned workout routines so that each week he offers something different.’ Danielle


    “Adam has been invaluable in helping me achieve a healthy approach to life. I have struggled to keep to doing exercise regularly, always feeling like it was a chore. Adam has been great at keeping me motivated, and I can honestly say I look forward to the weekly sessions. While exercising in a group has been fun, Adam has still been available to tailor each person in the groups’ guidance and advice. I have found the small group session structure beneficial and it’s worked well around my work commitment, being on the doorstep.


    Adams’ exercise regimes are fun, varied, and outside has given a bit of extra variety. He has adjusted the exercises depending on the weather/level of muddiness. I intend to continue with Adam’s classes indefinitely as part of my commitment to undertaking at least three types of 30+ minute exercises per week. I now feel better equipped to continue doing exercise and look forward to a much more active life.


    Adams laid back, informal, non-judgemental approach has been a significant factor in my attending the classes. It would be great if every workplace provided this type of training, definitely better than gym discounts.”