My Five Half Marathon Preparation Tips

marathon training tips Sheffield running trainingMy Five Half Marathon Preparation Tips

My Five Half Marathon Preparation tips!

  1. Endurance

Make sure you get enough long runs under your belt so that you’re comfortable running the required distance. This will build up your aerobic endurance enabling you to run for sustained periods of time. These runs will be the backbone of your training programme. These training sessions should be gradually built up over the months prior to the race and not left to the last week.

  1. Train for the route

If your racing the Sheffield Half marathon like me then it’s important to train on terrain that mimics the race environment. If your training for a hilly race then train on hilly terrain like wise if your training for a flat race then train on flat terrain.

  1. On race day

Don’t try anything new on race day as this may throw a spanner in the works! Whether it may be nutrition, clothing or new running shoes. Unless you’ve tried and tested it during a training run and everything goes well, only then I would use it.

  1. Positive Mental Rehearsal

A few days before and definitely before the race picture your self running the race route section by section and remembering key milestones. Imagine yourself running strong, with ease and finishing fast. Remember the feelings of jubilation when crossing the finishing line and the main reason why you want to run the 13.1 miles. Is it for weight loss, a sense of achievement, or for charity. If you are clear on that then you won’t have too many motivation problems.

  1. Pacing

If your new to pacing I’d recommend you apply this rule of thumb: For the first five miles run relaxed and steady. For the second five miles increase your leg speed and maintain or go up another level. Then for the last 5k you need to kick into a higher gear and chaise down as many other runners as possible or shave of those important seconds. Similar to a car rev limiter I try to push myself so that I’m hovering just under the red line and when I’m nearing the end and can see the finish run harder and dip into the red line and empty tank.

Enjoy the occasion.