Personal Training

Why choose personal training?

Personal training is about helping you reach your maximum potential through 1-2-1 coaching that is safe and effective from the comfort of your own home. Guiding you through all the nutritional questions you may have and helping you change your mindset. I’m the person who you are accountable too and will motivate you to push yourself to heights that you thought you’d never achieve.

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What to expect during your first consultation?

After a warm introduction I will begin by confirming your personal profile and par-q forms, which you would have already completed. I’ll carry out a body MOT, which is a thorough assessment of blood pressure, resting heart rate weight, height, waist & hip measurements and body fat percentage. Following your assessment I’ll then explain to you your diagnosis and then discuss the best course of action to take and which personal training package will best suit your needs and reach your maximum potential. I will then take you through a brief taster session to see if you’d like me to work with you.

Consultations normally take 45 minutes