Boost your core strength with these challenging planks

Core Strength

I have to admit that planking can be boring as you stare at the floor for minutes on end. So I’ve put together for you five dynamic planks that will keep you moving, interested and really challenge your core.

Aim for 30 seconds on each plank initially and build up to 60 seconds over the next month. Complete the five planks in sequence and the rest for 1 minute and repeat 3-5 times, depending upon how sadistic your feeling! Try these at the end of your run when your already feeling fatigued or after your gym workout to really torch the core. Enjoy….

It’s important with all of these planks to maintain a straight line from head through to toes and wrist, elbow and shoulder vertical alignment.

Hand plank with knee lift left and right

Hand plank with around the world (move feet, then tap alternate shoulders)

Hand plank with side twists with reach through left and right

Hand plank with front dumbbell raise & lateral raise left and right

Hand plank side shuffle