Plyometric workout

Plyometrics Plyometrics, also know as “jump training’ or ‘plyos”, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing (speed & strength = power). It’s important that you warm up prior to doing plyometrics and then stretch afterwards. Please read below how to perform these exercises […]

The Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon Sheffield 2016

Sheffield Half Marathon 2016 The Plusnet Yorkshire Half (The Sheffield Half) is definitely one of the toughest in the country. However, with the sublime views from Ringinglow Road and Sheephill Road it must also be one of the prettiest, especially on a gloriously still sunny morning! It was great to see 18 Taylored Running Group members […]

Suspension training for runners

Suspension training for runners Sheffield

Suspension training for runners This piece of equipment is great value for money and offers a fantastic workout. This suspension trainer cost £12.99 from Aldi. The numbers of exercises are endless and you can take it and use it almost anywhere. I’ve selected three exercises that I think will benefit any aspiring runner. Single arm row, […]

Boost your core strength with these challenging planks

plank challenges personal trainer Sheffield

Core Strength I have to admit that planking can be boring as you stare at the floor for minutes on end. So I’ve put together for you five dynamic planks that will keep you moving, interested and really challenge your core. Aim for 30 seconds on each plank initially and build up to 60 seconds […]