I’m just injury prone. Fact or fiction?

prone to injury running coaching SheffieldI’m just injury prone. Fact or fiction?

By James Cameron BASRaT and Jenny Manners MCSP MSc I’m just injury prone” – A single phrase that is transferable and echoed all the way from elite sport to Sunday afternoon bike rides. It is the assumption that certain, unlucky people have a natural pre-disposition to injure easily and should therefore be accepted as a […]

Sprained Ankle? – Symptoms, Treatment & Rehab!

Sprained Ankles – Ouch! Ankle sprains are a common soft tissue injury not limited to those of us with sporting prowess! Having sprained my ankle myself several years ago I know exactly how painful it can be. The term ‘sprained ankle’ refers to damage to the collagen fibres that form the ligament structures, on either side of […]

Sciatica – to run or not to run!

‘Sciatica’ is a common term used to describe pain radiating from the buttock either along the outside or the back of the leg. It is known as ‘sciatica’ because it is the sciatic nerve, which originates from the lower two joints in the lumbar spine (L4 & L5), which causes the pain sensation. The pain […]

Achillies Tendinosis

Resident physiotherapy expert Achilles Tendinopathy is the most common problem amongst runners with it accounting for between 6-17% of all running injuries. A quick google search reveals 101 ways to treat it and you could probably come up with a few more if you ask anyone who has experienced it! Causes of Achilles Tendon Pain […]

Running technique and injury prevention

Running largely involves forwards and backwards movement of the arms and legs with the aim of creating forward motion. This forward movement requires a mechanical rotational ‘locking’ of the hip, knee and ankle joints to support your weight and then ‘unlocking’ to allow the leg to swing through. So as a basis to efficient, injury […]

Introducing our new resident physiotherapy expert

Resident physiotherapy expert I have the pleasure of introducing you to Jenny Manners MCSP principle physiotherapist and our new resident physiotherapy expert. Jenny is a chartered physiotherapist – qualified 14 years. Jenny also has a post grad certificate & diploma in Advancing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. She is one of only 30 UK qualified JEMS certified physiotherapists (only one […]