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Here's my leg and abs workout that you can do anywhere. A quick and effective workout to strengthen and tone
mountain climbers
Here's a short early morning workout to get your pulse going and get you energy levels up ready to face
Health Tips The festive holidays are generally a time when over eating and excess alcohol drinking occurs. If like me
Christmas personal trainer Sheffield
The big ‘C’ is nearly upon us and have you muttered these words yet? “My New Years resolution is…” “Oh
TRX total body workout personal trainer Sheffield
What is a TRX? It stands for total body resistance exercise and is a form of bodyweight suspension training. Developed
HIIT bodyweight exercise circuit personal trainer Sheffield
High intensity interval training bodyweight circuit demonstrated by personal trainer Adam Taylor So you may or may not have heard
Plyometric workout for runners personal trainer Sheffield
Personal trainer Adam Taylor uses plyometrics to improve running performance. Plyometrics are exercises that aim to develop strength and speed
Kettlebell workout for runners personal trainer Sheffield
If you’re serious about running and getting better then strength training should form part of your training programme. A personal
prone to injury running coaching Sheffield
By James Cameron BASRaT and Jenny Manners MCSP MSc I’m just injury prone” – A single phrase that is transferable
Totley Moor Fell Race - 17th May 2016 Well done to our ladies at the Totley Moor Fell Race this