Sheffield Running Groups

Come along to our weekly Sheffield running groups to improve your health and fitness:

  • Group led by an experienced and qualified running coach
  • Run with a friendly group of people
  • Improve health and fitness the fun way
  • Make new friends and socialise
  • Improve your running technique and avoid injury
  • Enjoy running
  • Regular weekly group in Sheffield
  • Monday evening session meets Prompt at 7pm from Meadowhead Physiotherapy
  • Spring / Summer Sunday morning fell running sessions from various locations in the Peak District near Sheffield. Contact me for more information.
  • First session is FREE
Taylored Running Group, Sheffield

Taylored Running Group, Sheffield

Groups in Sheffield open to all abilities and ages from 18-65. Weston Park and Meadowhead. Sessions take place outdoors on roads, parks and open countryside. Sessions include various training methods focused on getting you better! Including:

  • “Fartlek” Running – Swedish word for ‘speed play’ consists of fast, medium and slow running over a variety of distances. Improves speed/endurance
  • “Hill repetition” Running – Can be either varying the number & distance of reps up one hill or running a hilly route focusing on the uphill sections. Great way to improve strength/endurance
  • “Running Drills & Plyometrics (jump training)” – Excellent training method to improve running economy, form, power and balance
  • “Interval” Run HIIT (high intensity interval training) – Designed as a hard workout to improve raw speed, power and increase fat burning of the body
  • “Tempo Run” – Also known as lactate threshold (LT) training. A method to train your body to sustain speed over distance.
  • “Repetition Run” – Repetition workouts involve running at faster speeds, often at race pace or faster, while making sure that each workout is done with proper technique and adequate recovery. Improves aerobic energy system.

It’ll be really fun!

Sheffield Running Group

Sheffield Running Group

Come along and give us a try, you will not find a friendlier group of runners in Sheffield whilst getting a quality workout:-)

For more information, prices and book your place please contact me on 07837 544 845 or email me

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