Pre & Post Race Nutrition Winning Formula

Before you race

2-4 hrs before – Eat carbs for slow release energy, plus a moderate amount of protein with 500ml of water

For example – cinnamon with jumbo oats with chia seeds or small handful of nuts or flaxseeds and berries

Pre Race Breakfast

Pre Race Breakfast

30 mins before – Eat a small carb-based snack to slowly raise blood glucose levels ready for exercise with 300ml-500ml of water.

For example – Healthy cereal bar (home made is best) or banana bread

Protein snack bars

Protein snack bars


After your race

Within 30mins – Eat carbs to replenish energy, protein for muscle repair and add salty snacks to help retain fluids and stimulate thirst. Drink 1-1.5 litres of fluid for every kg of body weight lost to sweat.

For example – smoked salmon in whole meal pitta bread

2hrs after – Eat carbs to continue replacing glycogen stores in muscles and liver, plus moderate amounts of protein and some unsaturated fats. Drink 500ml water.

For example – Vegetable omelette

Post Race Omelette

Post Race Omelette

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