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About my Platinum Personal Training Programme

My Platinum personal training package builds on the Gold personal training programme with more weekly one-to-one personal training sessions and an initial 10 day structured cleanse.

Over 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, we’ll meet twice per week and the personal training will be fully tailored towards your personal goals such as losing weight, getting fitter, or changing your body shape.

The programme begins with a face-to-face evaluation and initial work out and is then followed by two sessions per week for the duration of the programme.

The face-to-face training is also supported by video exercise tutorials, a healthy eating plan and a home exercise plan designed to help maximise your results.


It’s very difficult for many people to reach their fitness goals on their own. However, with the support and expertise of a qualified fitness professional, you’re much more likely to succeed. My programmes are tailored to your personal goals and will give you the best chance of making good, long-term progress towards a healthier, happier life

Who is it suitable for?

This package is suitable for anyone who is capable of exercising or wishing to start exercising. If you’ve tried in the past but found it difficult to motivate yourself or just don’t know where to start, then this programme is for you.


These training packages involve meeting weekly and can take place at a location convenient to you, ideally within your own home, or a nearby park. I’m based in Sheffield and I mainly work within South-West Sheffield and North-East Derbyshire


The sessions can be arranged to fit in with your schedule – wither during the week or at weekends

How do I find out more?

For more information, please give me a call on 07837 544 845 or get in touch through my contact page

Personal Training Packages Sheffield - areas covered

Personal Training Packages Sheffield – areas covered

Karis’s success story

Starting In September 2014 at over 91kilos and a size 16/18 I initially committed to Adam’s platinum training program which included 2 sessions a week with Adam and a tailored plan to follow in between. The sessions were either running (usually hill sprints), or HIIT based training, all designed to help lose fat. As well as the training plan, Adam introduced to me the concept of Clean Eating, with lots of information and advice as well as recipes.

The early few months were extremely hard work but Adam was encouraging, motivating and extremely patient with me, responding to my millions of questions both in our sessions and by text and email throughout the week. The hard work was always rewarded at the monthly body MOT and by December 2014 I had lost 17kilos and reduced my body fat by more than 10%.

As my fitness has improved, the sessions became more advanced, with heavier weights and TRX training as well as kettlebells and HIIT. As a regular Park Runner, I was starting to see the benefits of my weight loss as week on week my times improved. In May 2015 I joined Adam’s weekly running group which provided a friendly, competitive, challenging and safe running environment. My running ability has gone from strength to strength, with a sub 25 minute 5K and a sub 50 minute 10k under my belt this year.

In October 2015 I had my final body MOT with Adam after a year of training. The results have totally surpassed my expectations. Weight loss to date of 30kilos, 16% body fat loss, almost 20cm loss from waist and 25cm from my hips and I am a confident and healthy size 8/10.

Success on the Platinum Personal Training Programme

Success on the Platinum Personal Training Programme

The process of working with Adam over the last 15 months has been an extremely positive experience that has changed my life forever, enabling me to develop a healthier relationship with food and a positive attitude towards fitness, the results of which are a body confidence I have never had before. I knew a total lifestyle change was needed to get the weight off, which is exactly what Adam has delivered. The only reservations I had initially were financial but I can honestly say it has been worth every penny and I view the expenditure over the last year as an investment in my own health and future.

I cannot imagine having achieved these results without Adam’s skills, guidance, commitment and encouragement and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone ready to make the changes they need to see serious results.

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