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Taylored Running Group & Personal Training - Sheffield Personal Training

Taylored Running Group & Personal Training – Sheffield Personal Training

Your health is so important: Why everyone needs a personal trainer at home

My Personal training can help you:

  • Get Results
  • Drop a dress size / drop a jean size
  • Run faster / run further
  • Run your first race or triathlon
  • Make exercise something that fits in with your busy lifestyle

Most people probably wouldn’t fix their own car, cut their hair or diagnose their own illnesses. They would seek the help of a car mechanic, hairdresser or a doctor. However when it comes down to our health and fitness most people are reluctant to seek the help of a professional! Personal training is sometimes thought as a service only for the rich and famous! It’s really for everyone who is serious about getting fit and staying healthy! And with many different options available it can be affordable for you too.

What are the benefits of personal training?

  • Accountability – How often have you intended to exercise and yet never gone through with it? If your paying me you will have a set appointment each week, which will force you to make the commitment to exercise.
  • Motivation – I’m your own personal supporter, boosting your confidence to achieve more than you ever thought possible.
  • Better results – I’ve studied to degree level on the human body and know what will get you the best results. I will be able to write you a structured exercise plan to get you to your goal quicker. And will save you a lot of time as you’re not wandering what exercises to do and what to eat or drink. I plan each session meticulously for you to get the best results.
  • Injury prevention and rehab – Exercising with improper form will lead to injury. The most effective workouts are done with free weights, but it’s easy to get the exercise wrong and injure yourself. With me watching you exercise and giving constant feedback, advice and technique correction making sure your doing everything correctly. Likewise if you’re coming back from an injury its even more important not to re-injur yourself.
  • Accessibility – I’m available 24/7 to my clients to answer any health and fitness related questions. They contact me via email, text message or phone. I provide homework sessions to be done in between our appointments and sometimes provide coaching calls for these homework sessions if required.
  • Keep things interesting – To be honest not everyone enjoys exercising and it can easily become boring or more like a chore. I keep mixing things up to ensure you get more from your workouts and more importantly enjoy exercising:-)

The biggest question is how fast do you want to achieve your goal?

Platinum Package

Diamond Package

Sessions take place at your home, my personal training is fully tailored to you and what you’d like to achieve.

If you’d like more information or would like a tailored personal training package designing for you, please give me a call on 07837 544 845

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