FitQuick20 Disclaimer

The following disclaimer is to ensure that you are aware of the risks of undertaking any exercise. Please read it through thoroughly before signing up to FitQuick20.


I understand that my participation in FitQuick20, is voluntary and at my own risk.  I am aware that exercise can be physically stressful and, in certain instances, can even result in injury or cause death.

The levels of exercise that I will perform will be at my own pace, based upon my cardio-respiratory (heart & lung) fitness, muscular strength and endurance.

I understand that I will be given instructions on how to perform an exercise and use equipment.

FitQuick20 and Taylored Personal Training, will not be liable for any injuries or damage arising out of participation.


Signing up to FitQuick20 serves as acknowledgement that you have read this page in its entirety and understand the above.